Who are Those Guys?

    Those guys formed as a duo November 2nd 2017, When Josh called up Rick to ask him to start the project. They agreed this project would be go big or go home and they have been working night after night to make their dream a reality. Eventually growing their group into a four piece band. Joshua Wells 30 years old is the lead guitarist, lead vocalist and harmonicas. Josh has been playing music since he was 16 years old. In Josh's previous bands he also played bass guitar. Josh pulls his musical influences from artists such as Greenday and Johnny Cash. Richard Jones Jr of 26 years old is the rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist. Rick's previous experience was all solo work for 11 years until now. Rick pulls his musical influences from artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rob Thomas. The band only consisted of these two play at well know Western NY bars, such as Mohawk in Buffalo and Stamps in Tonwanda. Toward spring of 2018 Those Guys decided to bring their music back home frequenting place such as Napoli's in Olean, NY and The Corner Bar in Bradford, PA. June they started recording their record, but didn't hear the sound they wanted with what they were doing. They were directed toward Blind Sun Records' Shawn Chase AKA. DJ J5 decided to help them out and the rest is history . Shawn started laying drum tracks to what Josh and Rick recorded; it was then they knew what the album had been missing previously. Shawn Chase of 39 years old is the E-Drummer, owner of the label and recording engineer. Shawn's previous experience includes 25 years of drums, DJ for 20 years and recording engineer for Blind Sun Records for 12 years. Shawn pulls his influences from artists such as Tool and Grateful dead. As Those Guys continued to record their album they found the album still lacking in something. End of summer beginning of fall they began adding a bass guitar to the recordings. Deciding they need this to be a part of their live music as well. Cody Wight of 25 years old is the bass guitarist. Cody's previous experience includes 10 years of guitar no bass experience prior to the band. Cody pulls his influences from artists such as Green Day and Tenacious D. Those Guys has become a fast growing alternative acoustic rock band. They are getting ready to release their first full album on November 2nd. Nov 2nd is also the one year anniversary for the band. They do original music as well as an eclectic variety of covers from Backstreet Boys to Misfits and everything in between. 

9PM - 1AM



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First time at The Chadakoin Club!

     Afraid Of Human, an original Hard Rock band from Warren, PA, is steadily climbing to the top of the charts with their own brand of music characterized by its intensity and lyrical message. A unique combination of influences and musical styles come together in a distinctive sound all their own.
    Formed on August 1st 2014 after the collapse of Rock band RFE(RoomforError) by Guitarist, Lyricist and Philadelphia native Brandon Kulp, Drummer, vocalist and NYC native John Grimm, and Bassist Dustin Huff. After many failed vocalist auditions, Jimmie Botto ( Former Vocalist of Blind Society) showed up to blow away any of the competition for the lead vocalist position. March 2017 saw the addition of Mike Key ( former Refuge lead guitarist ) to the line up.
    The band immediately began drawing inspiration from bands the likes of 5FDP, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Volbeat, Godsmack and Pantera to name a few, developing a strong bond between the four some, the band booked shows across Western and Central PA and Western NY, covering some of the best hard rock songs to date. Continuously developing their live performances, artistic abilities and their own sound. Afraid Of Human took spring of 2016 to write their debut EP. The band scheduled studio time at Graphite Sound Studios in July, 2016 and worked with producer, Anthony Brown, releasing the first single "All I Am" on July 19th 2016, onto with amazing feedback from local as well as national fans. The band currently sits at #1 on the Reverbnation local Rock chart and has been consistently climbing the national and global charts. With airplay on numerous local and regional radio stations, being added into rotation on multiple internet radio sites daily and live performances to sold out venues, Afraid of Human is quickly becoming a force in Pennsylvania's incredible original music scene! The band is currently booking for the 2017 show season while working on a full length album.

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    Things have been going bump in the night here at the Pearl City Arts Building for many, many years.  New tenant, The Chadakoin Club has not been immune to the weird happenings in this hundred year old building.  From door slammings, strange shadows to whispers in your ears, Buck, Deb and the rest of the Crew are ready for answers.

    The Jamestown Paranormal Investigators, JPI, are on the case.  Their investigation on February 2nd, wielded incredible results! So much so, that they coming back again! This time they will investigate not only The Chadakoin Club, but the entire Pearl City Arts Building!


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